I’d like to take just a moment to thank my number one contributor–Kebbie! Thanks, Kebbie!

Tho I must admit I have not even shared with you a quarter of all the great links Kebbie has sent, but I’m working on it . . .
Kebbie, btw, hails from the “Hoosier Riviera–twenty miles of steel mills and
gambling boats on the southern shore of beautiful Lake Michigan. It is a
site to behold . . . ” . . . until I can pull together a decent Courtesy of Kebbie Blog Bloc, here are ten of his latest submissions:

2001 Fringe Oddity
War Elephant: News from Conflicts Around the World
I M B O T . com
Brother Earth – Protecting and Defending our Mother.
Slide Show Search Engine
ArtificialBrains.com – Artificial brains and artificial brain building
Sound Portraits Home
FOOTAGE.net Search
HubbleSite presents New Views of the Universe
SYMBOLS.com — encyclopedia of Western signs and ideograms

Thanks again, Kebbie!

Keep the mail coming, everyone! I return all mail, even tho it may take a little while . . . 🙂