And NOW, it’s time for another wacky edition of:


The World’s Largest Ball of Twine

Firefly Delight

Princess Leah’s blog.

Those above seem to have found their way into my referrer log by mistake.

Following are some lesser-known sites found in my referrer log which were actually supposed to be there:

The Place to Be, who found me after some teenage girl gave him my url via the Makeout Club–cool!

(Was it you, Tiff? (–who would also like to plug the Rain City Skate Park.))

This amazing directory called ‘Mr. Murphy’s Neighborhood’ . . . from the producer of Ghost in the Machine.

Norton, who called me the “deadly Dr. Menlo” . . . heh.

The Scobleizer . . . yes, I was scobleized (“most distasteful thing I ever stood still for”–ha ha, love that line, via Wm. Burras, o’course) . . . Ok, just found it . . . he sez: “Dr. Menlo’s MPS” . . . his acronym standing for . . . erm, can’t find what the acronym stands for, but from the following paragraph I’m guessing ‘Micro-Published Something’ . . .

Which reminds me of this comment by drat fink:

. . . someone else was pushing “micro publishing” as an alternate to “weblogs” which apparently has alot of negative baggage attached to it already. i guess it reeks of amateurism. but really, me zines? and why not “idealogs?” its more specific and tidier than micro publishing and it comes complete with a clever pun instead of poor syntax. also “zines” are by nature amateurish and thus the stigma has not been removed. whereas “idealogs” despite sounding like a 1970s toy company has a fresh and bold outlook, one that screams (albeit demurely) “vision.”

See also via drat fink: this Housemartins link, and also Regular Pot Smoking Won’t Kill, Kaiser Researchers Determine.

I used to really dig the Housemartins way back in the late eighties; I was surprised to learn that Fatboy Slim used to be a Housemartin.

Drat Fink is one of those blogs I would steal links from more, but it is always so chockfull I never know where to stop–same with FMH, Jimwich, Abuddhas, RandomWalks, BookNotes, Wood’s Lot, Ghost Rocket and many more!

Happy Belated Anniversary to BookNotes, btw–you know, only in the last 2 months have I discovered BookNotes, Wood’s Lot and CABINET, which makes me wonder how many more great blogs are out there that I haven’t seen yet?

Oh, and see also (via this weblogs search, actually): methylsalicylate.

(ps: I am unable to send mail via my WELL account right now, tho I can receive ok–so sorry to those whom I haven’t written back to yet. Hey, didja hear fellow Seattle-ite and Corpse-er Joe Safdie is gonna be @ Bumbershoot this year? Cool!)

“It’s Happy Hour, again, Baby . . . four-twenty.”
–Copernicus Grape