” . . . Contrary to media suggestion, the youth-led movement for global economic transformation is not ‘anti-globalisation’.

“There are really two varieties of globalisation: élite globalisation (which we oppose) and grassroots globalisation (which we promote). The top-down globalisation is characterised by a constant drive to maximise profits for globe-spanning corporations. It forces countries to ‘open up’ their national economies to large corporations, reduce social services, privatise state functions, deregulate the economy, be ‘efficient’ and competitive, and submit everything and everyone to the rule of ‘market forces’. Because markets move resources only in the direction of those with money, social inequality has reached grotesque levels.”

Kevin Danaher tells it like it is.

“When it comes to rebellion on the streets, I must confess a prejudice. In a pitched battle between children armed with banners and spray paint against highly trained police and military personnel with a large array of deadly weapons, I tend to side with the kids.”