Zapatista supporters.



Notice this cop’s tongue placed outside of his mouth as he aims at a man who is walking away.


You know how all those propagandists over at New Republic (Plastic bro) and the Economist et al. always say how the people of these third world countries aren’t protesting corporate globalism? That it’s just the middle-class, American white kids who are protesting for them, but who don’t really know what the hell they’re doing? Nobody is paying these Indonesian kids to carry these signs and march with so much passion against the IMF. Solidarity.


Big man to carry a girl in a head-lock. Maybe he thinks she might secretly be Aeon Flux.


These signs say “Father, how much do I owe to the IMF?”, left, and “Father, how much do I owe to the World Bank?”


Venezuelans perform skit against corporate-globalism.


I can’t even begin to show all of the cities in the world that took part in today’s May Day anti-corporate-globalization demonstrations. You won’t hear much about these amazing global displays of anti-megalocorporate moxie from the American media. They will not even broach the subject without throwing in the word “violence” somewhere.

But you know better.

Sure you do.