The Word, She Said

YOU DIDN’T REALLY THINK THAT DR. MENLO would back down from a big corporation, did you?

I’m Dr. Menlo, man.

Protector of the Word.

The Word, she said: The Word that made You Be. That Word that will set you free. And for some of those, like Margot Sinclair Savell of Cox Interactive, the Word shall smite you down.

Let me hasten to explore the cavernous difference between corporate and human portals: corporate portals defy spunk–they are hideous, corporeal, and bland.

Human portals, on the other hand, provide a one-on-one connection that is vital to developing the much-needed humanist relationship within the cold, spectral stare of this technological delight.

“Giant Internet portals are struggling.”



Cue the Roni Size:::

In case you didn’t notice it, Craig Jensen of BookNotes was kind enough a couple of Mondays ago to publish my response to a letter from Joe Hill raconteur Fred Lapides, about the possibility of the small handful of progressive blogs on the net to gather together into some sort of synergistic alliance. (In it, I propose a volunteer ALL STAR BLOGGER group weblog dedicated to pushing out SF writer Bruce Sterling’s Viridian Green Meme.)

But also in that letter I brought up the oft-mentioned metaphor of the global brain and the internet . . . I think it was via FMH that someone talking about this was quoted, but she proffered that the websites were the neurons, whereas I think that the users are the neurons, and the websites are the Meta-Neurons. The brains, after all, create the web and keep it strong–I think they at least deserve the status of neuron in this metaphoric brain.

Now, if corporations can’t control the traffic on the web, they can’t control the wiring of it. Good news: the corporations cannot control the traffic on the web–not yet anyway. The web will grow more powerful than the corporation, and will eventually swallow it–so let it be written, so let it be said. There, I said it, too.

So anyway, if this new global brain really does self-wire (it does, it is), do you really think that, if the people of the world had a choice (they do), that after going to places like this, they would still want to start out from a place like this?

The web has soul.

Not physically, but projected. Not a soul, but soul. By all of us. Through all of us. It cannot be contained.

This site, i.e., has no soul; it is vague, vacuous, and stupid. There is obviously no brain behind it. My short experience on this site’s site well bore this out. Their leader inspires a certain mind-numbingness and vapidity of spirit which is really not the kind of charisma you need to build that all-essential site.

Web viewers can sniff charisma.

This site has no charisma.

So sue me.

I am born of the word.

Corporations have no soul, and they can’t even fake it.

When people come home after spending most of their time in the cold, remorseless grip of the corporate playland that is presently terrorizing America and the world, last thing you want to do is soak in some more of that icy, humanless doom.

Now, I hope you are still thinking about suing me Margot, and that all that just wasn’t uninformed blather. Although, very likely you were just talking trash when you got that email, acting just as a bullyish, thickheaded corporate daemon is wont to do . . . and the Cox legal team is scratching it’s head saying, ‘No, no, we can’t sue this guy–for what? On what grounds? It would only end up shooting us in the foot.’ (if they’re smart) . . . or, the legal team is also imbued with the corporate hive mentality and wants to come get me.

In which case I say come get me–what a wonderful way to publicly argue the merits of human portals versus corporate portals. Why don’t you just take on the free speech rights of a little-known writer with some promising literary roots? Who is proud to be a valued member of such an avant-garde net community . . . notable authors will come to my aid. People will be looking at your big corporate ugly ass like the Censoring Wannabe it IS (altho usually only confined within your newsrooms). Thousands more web viewers will flock to my site to see what all the fuss is about. And do you really think, that once they go here, they’ll actually want to go back to going there?

Do you actually think that after learning about places like this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, and this (and all the rest to the left and right of this column), the public will actually go back to starting at a place like this? It ain’t gonna happen . . .

Got It?

Well, Get It.

And then Get Over It.

I am working on my extended portrayal of my last dotcom experience (my coda to the scheme)–now so much better inspired, thank you Margot–entitled, “The Facts, the ‘Poon, and the Mad, Mad Spree.” Telling the facts is not illegal (part one), neither is the fine art of the lampoon (two); and part three will be a certain author-emulatin’ mix-up. Intercut with commentary and pics on the present state of the present corporate oligarchy (media division), with help from such media critic-luminaries as Robert McChesney, FAIR, Noam Chomsy, Ben Bagdikian, Adbusters and more.

Meanwhile, visual weblogging will continue: Expect new memes, and a potentially rocky flow ahead. Spread the word. Menlo out.