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Number Seven of Project Censored’s Top Censored Media Stories of 2000: Censored Independent Study Points to Dangers of Genetically Altered Foods (Dismissed by Media and Biotech Industry)

“In 1998, Arpad Pusztai, a researcher at Rowett Research Institute in Aberdeen, Scotland, preformed the first independent non-industry sponsored study analyzing genetically engineered food and its effects on mammals. The study had been undertaken to determine whether or not the spliced genes themselves could be damaging to the mammal ingesting them. However, preliminary data from the study suggests something even more startling. The actual process of genetic alteration itself may cause damage to the mammalian digestive and immune systems.

“Pusztai’s study found that rats fed transgenic potatoes (artificially bioengineered to include a gene from another species) showed evidence of organ damage, thickening of the small intestine, and poor brain development.”

ENN site on Genetically-Modified Foods

The Organic Consumers Association

Number One Top Censored Media Story of 2000: World Bank and Multinational Corporations Seek to Privatize Water

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