Cabinet leaves us with these sage words:

  • The only good reasons to go into a Starbucks are to use the toilets, to politely tell customers that their latte foam is made from the milk of mermaid slaves, or to spit.
  • Buy local.
  • Be sincere.
  • Replace “www” with “partners” in NY Times url’s so that folks following the link won’t need accounts.
  • Use lamp-posts to talk to neighbors and strangers.
  • People like stickers.
  • Link promiscuously.
  • Seek out independent reporting.
  • If necessary, grow your own tomatoes so you can have at least one really, really ripe vegetable this summer.
  • Love your neighbor.
  • Breathe deep.
  • Don’t worry so much about washing your hands – it’s really OK.

(I agree with all but the last one. Dr. Menlo likes to keep his hands clean.)