Bucky’s Flat Map . . . via Mooselessness.

Imagine, if you will . . . using this map as a hyperlinked graphic on a website: per each section you can find out population, sociological data, etc. plus net access, usage patterns . . . Put another map across from first map like a mirror on the ceiling: when you click on parts of that map you can see where all the websites are coming from. What meets in the middle will determine fate of said planet.

First, minds make coalitions; action comes after that.

Lighting up the mad plains of the cosmological conscious-sphere is where it’s at.


get cracklin’

Dr. Menlo is currently crafting a spirited online challenge to another particular blogger for their comments re: Italia G8 to a duel, nay–an interblog, fully visual memetic debate.

I hope it shall prove illuminating for all.

Stay tuned.