The Deification of the Tomato

“You probably shouldn’t work here and not know how to make a good polenta.”–Ben, DeLaurenti’s cheese expert, sternly, to new employee Lars Fontal

Lars: “Ulp!”

F o r m a g g i

The DeLaurenti’s cheese counter (with an ancient sign overhead spelling: formaggi) is a special spot within the store. Serious serenades of the cheese-perts ensue. Cow mucus, cultures, and detritus never had it so good. Sample the goods: i.e. Humboldt Fog.

The Basics of Making Cheese

French cheese: history, variety, taste, tips

Steve Jenkins on Cheese

“Steve Jenkins is an overrated, obnoxious jerk.”–Ben, dismissively

Could this signal the beginning of a DeLaurenti’s Weblog?

The Cheese Hookah (via Simcoe)

“You can always tell when it’s the holidays or tourist season because requests for Wensleydale goes up–attributed directly to Wallace and Grommit”–Ben

“Yes, we have Spotted Dick.”–Lars, helping customers

Brunching Shuttlecocks Rate Crackers . . . via Mister Pants (Mister Pants: “Now, that’s Quality!”)

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