When at the Baltic Room for their much-heralded Tuesday nite of drum and bass, I can see hovercraft racing over the grassy streets of Sienna.

Sorry for the abeyance.

The problem is, the first 70 pages of the Furthering Advents of Joe, Java were written by a much younger writer–me, 5 years ago. So these chapters are clumsy, rough, contain cliches.

But the world I started to create continues to fascinate me–The Furthering Advents of Joe, Java is the story of the heavily utopianized futuristic northwest garden city of Sienna, and what happens when a right-wing coup takes over the American govt–who then proceeds to send Federales to all the ‘pagan pockets’ and make mass arrests (‘moral cleansings’) re: puritan laws. This town fights back–led by Java Joe, a multi-media guerilla graphic artist whose true identity remains unknown.

So please look on this as a good-hearted experiment. The first 70 pages will be rough . . . and when they run out–if it’s going well so far–I will continue the experiment thru the fall with fresh chapters leading up to and thru the end. It is a fall kind of tale.

(link to the left.)