If you are not familiar with the life and work of r.u. sirius, let me refer you to a few choice words from his dossier:

“Sirius is probably best known for Mondo 2000, the legendary cyberian magazine that he cofounded and edited (between 1989 and 1993). Mondo 2000 promoted many of cyberculture’s early trends and visceral images: Virtual Reality; Teledildonics; Infinite Personality Complexes; philosophers like Arthur Kroker, Timothy Leary and Robert Anton Wilson.

“Many of its key writers later wrote for Wired, and there have been suggestions that the latter magazine dumbed down the memeplexes for the mass mind.”

I remember running across a pile of back issues of Mondo 2000 at a now sadly defunct bookstore in Seattle’s U-District–what a find!

I think R.U. is a genius.

So I was very honored to receive an advance copy of R.U.’s new project: The Thresher.

A couple quotes from the back cover:

[coming this morning.]

Articles from the current issue (prescient!)

Request it at your local newsstand today!

R.U., recent: “Ignore the War: a Personal Declaration of Deep Neutrality

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