Me and my girlfriend attended the opening of this show at Seattle’s own Roq la Rue last Friday, presently featuring the work of Seattle residents Shawn Wolfe and Jeff Kleinsmith.

Shawn Wolfe is probably best remembered for his work on Beatkit. I especially liked Wolfe’s packaging of the RemoverInstaller (block of plastic), sold like action figures.

Hello, Crispin from COCA!

“In early 1998, I opened Roq la Rue as a venue for all the amazing talent I was seeing in Seattle that just wasn’t getting shown, as it was deemed too ‘unusual’ or ‘weird’ by the local conservative bigwig galleries.

“For being such a notoriously ‘alternative’ town, the art scene sure wasn’t. Plenty of blown glass and dark moody landscapes, but the stuff I liked to see–colorful, wild, emotionally-packed narrative or symbolic art–could only be found in comics, tattoo shops, Mexican folk art shops, and on record covers. What the hell was wrong with this town? . . . “

Kirsten Anderson has a weblog.