“LONDON — Three confidential documents from inside the World Trade Organization Secretariat and a group of captains of London finance, who call themselves the ‘British Invisibles,’ reveal the extraordinary secret entanglement of industry with government in designing European and American proposals for radical pro-business changes in WTO rules.

” . . . Reuters executive Henry Manisty offered his news service to the LOTIS propaganda effort. Manisty told the LOTIS group he ‘wondered how business views could best be communicated to the public.’ Reuters, he said, ‘would be most willing to give them publicity.’

“‘For a long time conspiracy theorists thought there had been secret meetings between governments and corporations,’ said Coates. ‘Looking at these minutes, it was worse than we thought. [The WTO GATS proposals] are a stitch-up between corporate lobbyists and government.'”

. . . from The WTO’s Hidden Agenda, by Greg Palast . . . as reported by Tom Paine and Unknown News, and who else? You can bet none of the corpo-lines carried it; instead, all of the corporate news channels rigorously repeated the ‘stain of seattle’ quote with something akin to glee–as if such an OUTBREAK OF DEMOCRACY could ever be accurately titled as a ‘stain!’

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