Halle Berry to star in . . . Babel-17?

. . . if Dr. Menlo had his way . . .

I was reminded of this book recently when Kirsten Anderson blogged this:

Plastic surgeon says that in 5 years surgery to give humans tails and wings will be a reality…not to mention horns, and other surgery to make one appear more animal like. I could really use a prehensile tail.

–which already happens in Babel-17. (Kirsten, of course, is kidding about the tail–she already sports quite a long and lustrous one; next time you see her ask her nice and she may show it to you.)

Samuel R. Delany

This book completely bowed me over.

For more on Samuel Delany, I hugely recommend Bellona Times . . . whose author (Ray Davis) may or may not have mentioned that his very blog’s title comes from Dhalgren (I think?) . . . Bellona Times on Delany here and here: Delany’s Dirt:

“I want to talk about Samuel R. Delany’s pornography.”