Israel Murders British Journalist

What else can anyone say about the Israeli “Defense” Forces? They’re a bunch of murderous fucking genocidal maniacs doing the bidding of a bunch of Jewish fundamentalist fucks who believe their God gave them that land, so I suppose, by extension, their God also gives them the right to murder Palestinians and anyone else who dares stand in their way including international peace activists and journalists.

Evident, right?

So what can we do about it? What can the international community do about it? We can do fuckall about it, that’s what. I’ll tell you one thing though: the Zionist extremists currently conducting genocide against the Palestinians and murdering anyone with a fucking conscience who comes in and tries to stop them or at least document it for the world to see will not win the information war. I will and can at least continue in my own small way to expose their ongoing campaign of fundamentalist-based mass murder. At least, that. Otherwise I deal with my fury at them and for all the rancid journalists in the world who do nothing about it.