Chirac to Embarass Bush at G8

He said Evian’s main goal would be “to build the institutions and rules of a global democracy, open and interconnected”, a swipe at the American administration, which has little patience for such rhetoric.

How else can we embarass Bush? How about if Bob Graham were to pull a Daniel Ellsberg? We could hope for a situation where Bush appears in public without a script, but this seems unlikely. The latest edition of the collective American memory is about to pull the phrase “presidential press conference” from it’s list. Bush can’t appear at a real press conference because he’s too stupid. Oh, but look at him swagger. He’s sure full of something. Whatever it is, there is a minimum of a brain attached. And then, of course, there are the strings that lead back to the puppetmaster: Karl Rove.

Yes, I believe Bush truly is dumb but the people surrounding him are not. They are vile, vicious, and evil. But not dumb.

But how can you embarass a man who cannot feel shame? How can you embarass a man who is incapable of feeling compassion for others?

No matter. As long as there are people who care about the truth, people like Karl Rove and his puffed-up frat boy will not win. A healthy appetite for the actual truth is the best antidote to their turbo-paced mendacity campaign. Embarass Bush by seeking the truth.

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