Inside A U.S. Election Vote Counting Program

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The first step to Regime Change 2004 is assuring that there is a free and fair election in the United States. Of course, the mind-coaxed masses will automatically issue back, unconsciously, while they sip their 100 oz. soft drink whilst running over small children in their SUVs: “conspiracy theory” . . . well, you know better right? ‘Conspiracy theory’ has just become an empty-headed slur to be put up on the overloaded and thus irrevelant shelf with ‘politically-correct.’ The minute I hear anyone use either of those terms I know it’s time to give up any chance I have of opening up an immediate channel of communication–by this time, it will take a fair bit of deprogramming to be able to converse with them on a level I am comfortable with.

But back to the stolen U.S. elections of 2000 and 2002–they were both separate fixes with a ton of differences but in both cases I have no doubt that at least in certain places, the fix was in. The first step to regaining or creating a democracy in America? Arguably this would be to assure that we Americans are assured a free and fair election. Or, perhaps the first step is informing the masses about how exactly their corporate media is put together, and how few decision-makers are actually making the decisions about everything they see and hear, and how, for instance, these handful of corporate media giants in America paid for FCC Chairman Michael Powell and his two fellow GOP FCC board member’s plethora of trips recently–which can arguably be looked at with cynicism seeing as how those very same FCC members were soon to be voting on an issue very dear to their bill-footer’s hearts–namely, deregulation. And then, once the people are aware of the corporate media system and it’s stranglehold on the American public (World: seriously, the American public may seem dumb, and many times I myself curse them to no end, but to give them some credit, they are on the receiving end of the most magnificent media system ever invented, and if you were in a field and suddenly a great big spaceship descended upon ya with a thousand groovy lights beaming out all over the place, you’d be dazzled too) then maybe they would be more a) aware of the stolen election of 2002 and more educated about the details of the stolen election of 2000 (i.e.: I was watching the posters over at Fark recently banter about the stolen election of 2000, and not one of them knew that the State of Florida settled the case brought on by the NAACP re: throwing the blacks off the roles [read: obvious admission of guilt, thus ‘stolen election’ not debatable just on the fact of that case alone], not to mention the excellent reporting by Greg Palast on the subject, etc., etc.) . . . but in any case step one or step two or step three–it’s in the Top Ten anyway! Take Back or Create Democracy in America! Assure a Free and Fair Election!!!

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