Eric Margolis Nails It: Terms of Engagement – Herewith, Definitions to Keep on Top of Current Events

* Liberation – Invasion.

* Coalition – The U.S. and British invaders, plus some troops from rent-a-nations like Romania and Poland. In the past, “the coalition” would have been called imperial forces and mercenary auxiliaries.

* Dictator – A ruler you don’t like, or who does not cooperate.

* Statesman – A cooperative dictator.

* Stability – when things go the way Uncle Sam likes, ie., the status quo.

* Instability – when things don’t go the way Unc Sam wants, ie., when trouble-makers try to change the status quo.

* Iraq reconstruction – a process whereby big firms that contribute to the president’s re-election campaign obtain contracts to rebuild the damage caused by U.S. bombing. [more]

Language is the unseen front, and I’ve believed for a while now that the number one thing anti-propagandists need to do now (or top of the list anyway) is set up a central clearinghouse for the deconstruction of official word lines–because when news outlets and the general unsuspecting unconsciously parrot their word lines, a majory victory for Karl Rove and his language-perverting cronies is already won. Do not repeat “re-election,” because George Bush was never elected. Do not repeat “Iraq war” because it wasn’t one; it was an invasion. Etc. To this end, Eric Margolis has moved the resistance along considerably. Use this guide as a key. And resist with your words, as well as your actions.

Also, I’d like to point out that even if I didn’t have the slightest compassion for anyone else in the world other than myself and my immediate circle (i.e., a Republican), I would still loathe Karl Rove and his group for what they do to the English language on a daily basis. That ain’t English, folks. That’s English turned inside out with shackles on and a big, fat-assed hook lying hidden underneath. Eat their language uncritically and you are instantly zombified.

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