The summer edition of the New World Disorder Magazine is now online!

Contents include:

All Aboard the Black Magic Bus! by Adam Gorightly

In this excerpt from The Shadow Over Santa Susana: Black Magic, Mind Control and the Manson Family Mythos, self-described crackpot historian Adam Gorightly looks at Chuck Manson’s dark connections to Hollywood and the entertainment industry, and how they may have motivated one of the most notorious mass murders in the 20th century.

The Ong’s Hat Mystery Revealed: An Interview with Joseph Matheny

NWD interviews Joe Matheny, author of Ong’s Hat: The Beginning, in order to find out what’s the real story behind the documents that claim a group of renegade scientists and ontological dissidents/adventurers had opened a gateway to a parallel dimension, went through, and settled there. Hope? Hoax? Or something cooler?

Nothing Natural///Black Planet by Adrian Gargett PhD

Using philosophers such as Sade, Deleuze, Bataille, and Clausewitz, Adrian Gargett analyzes war, death, nature, and the inescapable march towards nothingness, in this prison camp of mortal flesh.

The Montauk PsyOp by Alexandra Bruce

Alexandra Bruce, author of The Philadelphia Experiment: Parallel Universes and the Physics of Insanity, investigates the origins of the Philadelphia experiment and Montauk project, and finds evidence they may be part of a long term government Psyop, aimed at influencing humanity’s consciousness.

Book Review of TSOG: The Thing that Ate the Constitution by Jaye Beldo

The Lone Nutter reviews The Illuminatus! Trilogy and Cosmic Trigger author Robert Anton Wilson’s latest tome.

Thou Sayest: Is Brainwashing Possible? By William H. Kennedy

Esoteric expert William H. Kennedy uses the latest mass media manifestation of mind control – the Elizabeth Smart case – as the launching point for an investigation into the mind control and brainwashing phenomenas (with Robert Anton Wilson and Fu Manchu making special guest appearances along the way).

AIDS by Kenji Siratori

Extreme writing by Japanese experimental writer and author of the cyberpunk classic Blood Electric.

Conquest by Convergence: The Case Against Elite Convergence by Paul David Collins

The author of The Hidden Face of Terrorism: The Dark Side of Social Engineering, From Antiquity to September 11, smashes the myth of elite convergence (“according to this hopelessly flawed view, the problems of injustice and inequity that destabilize societal order are remedied when opposing factions of the ruling class arrive at an agreement”) by using political and business intervention in the Congo as an example of how elite interests can converge, and still end up exploiting the masses.

SARS and the New World Order by Barry Chamish

Israel’s number one conspiracy theorist investigates the origins of the SARS virus and the NWO’s possible reasons for releasing it.

Memory/System/Prediction by Kurt Eckhart

Kurt riffs on how the evolution of the symbiotic relationship between the virtual and the real has lead us to this current historical moment, where the internal contractions of both Communism and Capitalism have become manifest, and how a post-scarcity anarchism that “reconciles the Utopian urges of Communism with the complex utilization of localized information inherent in Capitalism” can be incubated in the current political/economic systems about to be chucked into the dumpster of history.

Deprogramming 101 by Victor Thorn and Lisa Guliani

Victor and Lisa on anti-war rallies and the false right-left divide.

You Can’t Always Get What You Want by Jason Lubyk

New World Disorder’s editor on the failure of the anti-war movement to prevent the expansion of Empire, why it’s not necessarily a bad thing, and what to do next.

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