I just saw this cover tonite and it made me laugh–brilliant.

You know, I have no doubt that all the Anti-Bushies will coalesce behind the most winnable (not perfect, not a savior, just most winnable) Democratic candidate next year and kick Bush’s ass. No doubt, that is, so long as there is a free and fair election.

And then this new coalition which worked together to beat Bush will make damn sure that no new group of crazy-ass, religious-fundamentalist power-hungry whack-jobs will ever try to take over the world again.

Well, they can try.

Regime Change 2004: Saving the World Starts Here

(yo, DNC, here’s an ad idea: show Bush saying “We have to find the leakers” footage, then goto black screen and white letters and voiceover saying: “Remind you of anyone?” then goto footage of OJ: “I’m going to find the killer!” then say, “In fact, Bush had two months to find the leaker–instead, he did nothing.” . . . etc.)