BookWars . . . now on dvd. Great flick, I recommend it highly. Via

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There once was a time when I was obsessed with movies–that’s all I wanted to do: write movies, make movies, be in movies . . . watch movies. I applied to AFI when I was about 20 or 21–didn’t get in. I got a sort of break when I became the arts editor of my community college paper (Northern Virginia, Alexandria campus)–for there, stacked up in the in box of their tiny office were nothing but long disused piles of screener invites. I was probably the only reviewer who went to every single screening for years . . . my favorite theatres were the Key and Biograph in Georgetown, but the MPAA theatre was also nice (big plush red seats; once Ralph Nader sat in on a screening there–he brought his own popcorn [there is no concession stand at the MPAA, natch]). Soon I befriended a publicist who worked for Miramax, October Films, Sony Classics, among others. She tossed me a few jobs driving movie people around. My first job was to pick up Indochine director Regis Wagnier from the airport. He said, “I saw the steps Rocky ran up when the plane did circles before landing.”

“No,” I said. “That was in Philadelphia.”

He gave me a look: “Don’t depress me, [Menlo].”

(I got slightly lost on our way then to the Four Seasons in the Georgetown neighborhood of DC, which eventually got back to the head of Sony Classics . . . )

Eventually my film interest waned as I got into other things–starting a gonzo newspaper at Georgetown U, being a bum in Seattle and a fisherman in Alaska, temping at a ton of Seattle landmarks in the latter half of the nineties (including in ’96, Starbucks corporate HQ, Washington Mutual, IBM, etc.), getting into politics for the first time in my life culminating in the WTO protests of ’99 (seeing a police riot radicalizes you, man!), blogging and writing for the Corpse . . . (I only wrote about film once, here) . . .

Now, ten years later, I want my own dv camera and a Mac powerful enough to edit the footage on. I want to sit in movie theatres as it rains outside for weekends on end, immersed. I want to get a big tv for my bedroom and go through a stack of dvds on a blissful cinematic binge, racking up the esoterica. I’m saving up.

I already have my soundtrack:

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