eye on amsam

Big thanks to new Samizdat harbingers: Bruce Wilson of this great page on global warming and Metafilter where he is known as “Troutfishing”, Jeremy Wells of Betacorpo.net, Madeleine Kane of MadKane.com, Weird Pixie of Ollapodrida, Bruce of The River, Benedict Spinoza of Benedict@Large and HyperSpaceGirl!

Thank you all!

In addition to thanking all of the new harbingers by name I would also like to start thanking all of the new blogs which permalink American Samizdat (who I also add to our Friends list on the lower right hand side of the samizdat): TomNadeau.com, Que Bola, I.D. FLUX, Left I on the News, information virus, weblog without a name, likesunday, irritant, Betacorpo.net, We Don’t Agree, But, DiVERSiONZ, Free-Market.Net, The Left End of the Dial and MadKane.com!

Thank you all!

(Next: I need to update the samizdat sidebar and blogrolling list, which will soon also go onto Peep Show Stories–sorry for the delay. Also, if I inadvertently left anyone out of the list of people who permalinks the Samizdat, please drop me a line and let me know–drmenlo (at) well.com . . . and, of course, also please let me know if you know of anyone interested in being a harbinger for the Samizdat . . . )

Thank you to all of the harbingers for your continuing excellent work!