G.I.’s Padlock Baghdad Paper Accused of Lies

Yeah, whenever Bush Party Loyalists like James Lileks spout on about how we’re uh, giving Iraq FREEDOM (cue your own version of his flowery, flatuatory gusts of ‘freedom’ paens here replete with hyperlink nods to pro-ethnic cleansers like LGF) just remember stories like these about the US shutting down Iraqi papers. For what? For LIES? Hm, so by this standard wouldn’t the New York Times itself be shut down for all it’s shameless Chalabi tall-tales-passed-off-as-stories, it’s Bush admin tall-tales-passed-off-as-stories, and so on? (Here Lileks trots out some photo of a protestor at some rally holding up a retarded sign–“See! See! This is the ‘Peace Movement’ right here! Let’s just look at this, and expound upon this, and forget everything else shall we! Look, ma, verbal hula-hoos!”)

Yea, what the fuck ever Jimmy.

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