Seven US Soldiers Die and 24 are Wounded in Baghdad

Meanwhile, George Bush Sr. rallies to his son’s defense, while making a literal killing via his holdings in the Carlyle Group. Chalabi makes a mint providing mercenaries to guard Iraq’s (yea, right) oil and for his (cough) advisory capacity–when he is a known criminal and proven liar, with your American tax money. Dick Cheney’s old company makes a mint. All the upper echelon Bushites and their friends are makings billions.

While American soldiers and civilians die. While Iraqi civilians die.

Perhaps this avenue of context is the biggest thing missing from the mainstream media’s coverage of these events: just how rich this Iraq ‘war’ is making Bush and Co. On the backs of the American poor. And that sonofabitch can’t even attend ONE AMERICAN SERVICEMAN’S FUNERAL. And he JOKES ABOUT NOT FINDING THE WMDs–THEIR WHOLE ARGUMENT FOR THE INVASION IN THE FIRST PLACE. “600 hundred dead but I got a good laugh from them press people, and of course made our family and friends stinkin’ rich, pretty good tradeoff I reckon . . . ”

There is nothing more indecent than that.

Meanwhile, that portion in America known as the Fundamentalist Asshole-Farm throws a Fit over a Tit . . .

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