Six More Foreigners Reportedly Seized In Iraq

Why doesn’t one reporter with balls get up and ask Bush if this is what he meant when he said “Bring it on”?

Where is the fucking anger at Bush for lying to the country and world into getting us into this? Not to mention getting us into this while his FAMILY AND FRIENDS MAKE BILLIONS?

This is a great letter I got yesterday from one of our Canadian readers:

just finished watching the nightly news coverage of the iraqi intifada on

cbc: chaos in the streets, steet fighting, us soldiers dead and bloody,

injured, knives up to hostage’s throats, allah’s armies cheering with

rocket launchers . . . cbc reporter there says it’s chaos, the US not in

control, US soldiers scared and wanting to go home, the iraqi people

supporting the resistance movement . . .

moving stuff – nothing like that on fox or cnn (which we also get up

here) – or nothing like that on the net, even – im sure al jazeera is

more powerful – this (y)our vietnam

why do i feel like the US is living in some kind of the bubble? the rest

of the world is watching uncut footage of the occupation while the

citizens of the US get watered down defence department press releases

spun by right wing insta-hacks?

has anyone learned anything from 9/11?

The President is a brave man knowing he is protected by the Secret Service, right? “Bring it on!” he blusters!

America has never had a greater fool at it’s helm. As long as Bush is in charge, this is a country of fools.