The LGF Quiz

LittleGreenFootballs or Late German Fascists?

I was inspired to build this quiz when I noticed that comments on (a popular warblog) tended to be indistinguishable in tone and content from the writings of Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler, and the other architects of the “final solution.”

Always indistinguishable? Well, maybe not – but close enough and often enough to be pretty disturbing. Yes, the quotes I’ve used here are all “cherry-picked” – from LGF and the Nazis both – but since the webmaster patrols LGF pretty thoroughly it’s fair to say that his site is as defined by what he allows (e.g., calls to “sterilize” the “subhuman” Palestinians) as it is by what he doesn’t (e.g., criticisms of Israel or George W). [more]

Then I found a blog for the site here.

Hey Jack–I didn’t see your email addy anywhere but if you see this–you are welcome to free hosting by me. It’s a noble cause, man. LGF is the number one Hate Site on the internet, and needs all the exposure it can get. I’d do it myself, but I’m taking a break from wading into sewers . . .

UPDATE: Metafilter has an interesting thread on this here.

UPDATE 2: It seems Matt of Metafilter has already deleted the thread. The last thing I remember on the thread, LGF defenders were asking him to delete it, and there you go. I remember Matt said once [pp], “I have no problem with the way LGF is run.”

You mean you have no problem with a moderator (Charles) who deletes anything anti-Bush or anti-Israel’s policy toward the Palestinians but keeps in comments like “If every subhuman piece of excrement in the . . . camp dies slowly and painfully of starvation, I’ll have a great [holiday]!”?

There was a good discussion going on in that thread–why was it deleted? Oh hey, the link still works, and if Matt’s given reason for why he deleted the post: “not another pissing match, sheesh” [OK, Beav] is the actual real reason why he deleted it, then I’ve got an architectural structure to sell you spanning a waterway. The next to last comment is telling: only after three other points defending LGF does it also recommend deleting the thread because it’s a “pissing match”–utter horseshit.

There is no comparison between a site like Metafilter and LGF, or any other blog and LGF for that matter. LGF is a pro-ethnic-cleansing cesspool of racism and hatred, and a successful one at that. So truly then, we wonder, Matt: why was the thread deleted?

April 12th Update: here is a cached version of the LGF Quiz . . . the Quiz is also currently number three at Blogdex.

Now number two . . . and I put up my own mirror here in case it goes down again.

Come on guys, the LGF Quiz is currently number two on the blogdex–with your help we can bump it to number one!

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