Rainbow Warrior Expedition 2004: A Successful Mission

Just before the weekend, the Rainbow Warrior docked in Wellington, New Zealand, at the end of our trip to the Tasman Sea. It was strange arriving back, after all those weeks at sea. We hadn’t seen land in three weeks. As the harbour pilot guided us in, we watched planes take off and cargo ships coming alongside us. As the sun set, car headlights twinkled in the distance, and lights came on in the warren of office buildings that face Wellington’s seafront. [more]

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New Cases of Scientific Abuse by Administration Emerge

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., July 8—Today, the Union of Concerned Scientists released new evidence that the Bush Administration continues to suppress and distort scientific knowledge and undermine scientific advisory panels. The number of scientists calling for an end to these practices and restoration of scientific integrity in federal policymaking now totals more than 4,000, including 48 Nobel laureates, 62 National Medal of Science recipients, and 127 members of the National Academy of Sciences. [more]

Now, I would call that last sentence the most winning one in this new UCS endeavor . . . so, if you take a conservative paper like the Seattle Times and look at their slant on it, you will see that they bury that part about this UCS report being signed by more than 4,000 scientists including 48 Nobel laureates, etc. in the last paragraph. Plus, unlike the New York Times (id: drmenlo, pw: samizdat) or the LA Times (registration required), they don’t even use the word ‘Scientist’ in their title: they say ‘Group’ instead, no doubt to diminish the effect of the accuser–‘group’ could be anybody, while the word ‘scientist’ still carries some credibility today . . . (not that the NYT or LAT are not necessarily conservative . . . )