Palestinian Win Rises Higher Than Israeli Wall

The ruling by the International Court of Justice in The Hague that the ”security wall” Israel is building in the West Bank is illegal marks a major victory for Palestinians.

The ruling is not binding. Officially it is termed only an ”advisory opinion” offered by the court. Israeli officials briefing media while the court was delivering its opinion declared the judgment would find its way to the ”garbage can of history.”

But the ”advisory opinion” marks a major moral and diplomatic win for Palestinians. And it further weakens the diplomatic case both of Israel and the United States.

The decision will bring a significant setback to the United States in the Arab world; a U.S. judge was the only one among 15 who delivered a contrary opinion. [more]

. . . of course, Israel won’t listen to the “International Court of Justice” . . . Israel listens to no one but it’s own fundamentalist belief in their own God, who also tells them it’s OK to murder Palestinians and keep stealing their land because they’re sub-human anyway, right? God’s chosen people can murder and steal all they like–that’s the problem with those fucking religious fundamentalists: they are and always will be a cancer on the body politic–most especially when they have guns and nukes in their hand. (When an old homeless man walks down the street muttering about being talked to by God, he is dismissed as crazy; when the US and Israeli presidents talk and act like it, both with armies and nukes at their disposal, they are given moist french kisses on the ass.) As I’ve said often before: religious fundamentalism is the true enemy of mankind. And Israel today is the most blatant and unapologetic example of that (with the possible present exception of Sudan, in numbers and not hubris). How much land will Israel have to steal before they’re done? How many Palestinians will still be alive–if any–before Israel has killed enough? Since it is obvious that Israel bows to no one–including, most obsequiously–the United States, why is it so absurd to wonder who really wears the pants in the Israel/US relationship?

How strenuously must I hold my nose when I vote for Kerry?

Remember the Mossad motto, and repeat it often:

“By Way of Deception, Thou Shalt Make War.”