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Jason Lubyk writes:

And I’ve noticed that a loose network of high occulture blogs has popped up like mushrooms on the ‘net lately: Future Hi, lvx23, Hyperstition, Vortex Egg, and Key 23. They’re a fresh and welcome change from the political and tech blogs that currently dominate. More please.

Speaking of more please, the vigorously educated and extensively talented Jason Lubyk will soon be appearing in the tree print version of this:

Having always been surrounded by talent in these parts, we suddenly find ourselves surrounded by published talent–for our very own Kirsten Anderson also has her first book coming out!:

( . . . More book announcements concerning people you may know connected to this domain forthcoming . . . And on an unrelated topic, please go help Pagan Moss pick out the best stories from her extensive archives, eh? My favorite is Jade, too . . . )

By Pagan Moss

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