How many lies did you count in Laura Bush’s speech?

For starters: how can you have freedom if you have no elections? Iraq hasn’t had elections yet–but a puppet government installed by the US who conspicuously retains Gepetto rights. Bush was undecided about invading? The plans were drummed up years ago. In addition to him going on record months before his so-called “indecision” as saying about Saddam, “Fuck Saddam. We’re taking him out.”

Oh, and how nauseating they’re continuing to run with their Iraq = World War Two pile of horseshit. “My grandfather, of the greatest generation, fought his own terrorists . . . like we do today in Iraq . . . ” Jesus fucking Christ, lady! If anything, the US invading Iraq is more like Germany invading Poland! You don’t invade sovereign countries while selling it to your people with gratuitous lies and then be compared to a country first attacked at Pearl Harbor! Are you nuts?

If I could ask her one question as a reporter, I would ask her, “How do you feel about killing your boyfriend with your car?