New World Disorder Magazine: Issue Three

Is now online!

Contents include:

The Way In is the Way Out: An Interview With Daniel Pinchbeck

Lovelights@Leary-Eisner.Com by Bruce Eisner and Timothy Leary

From Proletariat to Soulitariat: An Interview With Pat Kane by Phil Leggiere

Messiahs in the Stream by William H. Kennedy

Conspiratorial Recollections: An Interview With Adam Gorightly

Zero Ground by Mac Tonnies

Dreamachines, Wishing Machines or Feraliminal Lycanthropizers, Anyone? An Interview With David Woodard by Jan Bruun

The Shia Girl by Michael Muhammad Knight

Parallax Empire /// Burning Ground by Adrian Gargett

murderous_disillusionment / CH@OS by Kenji Siratori

Centripetal Culture and Blackout by Jason Lubyk

Reviews of Adam Gorightly’s The Prankster and the Conspiracy: The Story of Kerry Thornley and How He Inspired the Counterculture and Kenji Siratori’s Blood Electric

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(Press release written by NWD Editor-In-Chief Jason Lubyk.)