A Call To Arms

Now, this is what it might look like if the Democrats adopted the style and methodology of Rush Limbaugh.

However, while I do believe that the Democrats need to shed their spineless side and get on the GOP’s lying, shameless, evil ass, I also know that they can simultaneously take the high road because–unlike Sack O’Shit Rush–they don’t need to lie to do it.

We have only to remember what’s at stake to let loose the caboose: if elected (not fucking re-elected for the nth time) the Cheney/Bush admin will institute the draft (rumored to go up to age 35 for men and women), invade at least Iran and Syria, destroy remaining National Parks by giving them over to their archaic energy company buddies, enlarge significantly even more than the 1.2. million last year of new people entered into poverty the gap between rich and poor, and on and on but most importantly: they will stop current efforts to put receipt systems into the electronic voting machines ala Diebold and then, forget about it–democracy in America will be completely over.

Is this a time to mince words?

So Get Vicious. Laura Bush killed her boyfriend. George Bush was an AWOL, coke-snorting motherfuck who enjoys taking away children’s school lunches and killing brown people by the thousands. He sends over a thousand Americans to their death and thousands more to get their limbs erased and permanently damaged in endless ways for a LIE, and then callously laughs about it to a room full of journalists, “The weapons have got to be here somewhere!” When teenagers show him the protest sign, George Bush shows them his middle finger–this from the man who believes that God talks to him–the Xtian Falwell-friendly God, y’understand, the kind that blame fags for 9-11. Dick Cheney, head puppeteer, has a sneer that could chill a crematorium operating at full house. No man has caused people to shower more after just a look. Still, you can’t soap off his evil aura: this the man who voted against equal rights for women, against letting Nelson Mandela outta jail, and who after repeatedly being proven wrong, was the only Bush admin official to keep repeating the lie that Iraq was involved with 9-11. This man is so completely brazen, you really can’t underestimate what he may do or what he has already done. If anybody in the current administration would have been capable of pulling 9-11, it would hands down be Dick Cheney. His mendacious gravitas is equaled only in size and strength by his cocky affront: “Don’t fuck with me,” his manner screams. “I am the most dangerous and powerful man on earth–in that order. You look at me askance, I will not only murder you and your family, I’ll murder your fucking country, hell, your whole entire-ethnic-fucking tribe. You dare challenge me giving no bid contracts to Halliburton who can’t account for billions of it? GO FUCK YOURSELF.”

To all my critics: debate me. Don’t send me pantywaist little emails that sound like I stopped wanting to be your friend in 7th grade and a week later you write an angry letter to get back at me–I’m talking to you “Jim V” (jcven@hotsheet.com)–who fails at arguing but excels at regurgitating wingnut talking points after they’ve been repeated to you often enough. Come over to American Samizdat and debate me. Now until the election I invite all my critics to come and have a shot at me: go amsam. Or debate Bartcop, or Mike Malloy . . . or hell, if you think you really got a pair, debate Randi Rhodes.

And everyone else, sharpen your swords and attempt to arouse anyone you know, because if that asshole is elected this time, this country and this planet are FUCKED. One and half more months and the tally will be in: Apocalyse or No. This is truly time to put fwd your best–and I know you’re fatigued; I know you’re burnt out and I know even a lot of you are depressed, but we have just one and a half more months of possibility open here: and if the anger on the ground is as hot as all of us feel, in all parts of the US (and farther, countless friends), then the polls will be damned and KERRY WILL WIN IN A LANDSLIDE.

At least, that’s where my energy is going.

A belated thanks to new Harbingers (in order of acceptance):

Trevor Blake of OVO, Root.Cellar, Nick Lewis of Net Politik and Cecil B. Demented of Locked In A Box. Thank you all!

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One and a half more months: fast slide into dictatorship or slow shimmy out?