Black Wednesday

I thought of this phrase this morning but I’ve seen it a couple of other places since.

I’m still putting together for myself what happened yesterday, but I can tell you a few things: American Samizdat is needed now more than ever. Corporate media is more poisonous than ever. People don’t turn out in record numbers for an election and stand for hours in line to keep an incumbent in. Diebold prez promised to deliver Ohio and he did. I wish I had a Diebold machine in front of me and a bat. This new issue of “morals” is nothing but a red herring: don’t swallow it. With the neocons owning the presidency and House and Senate and two years until the next election wherein our vote may not be guaranteed with receipt-printing machines: America is now effectively a dictatorship, and most likely has been for longer than today. To change this, protests in the streets don’t mean shit. Letters and calls to your rep. don’t mean shit. They have sewn up the previous democratic system and the opinion of the people doesn’t mean shit–now more than ever.

Welcome to Nightmare World.