Interview with Samuel Delany

Stefen Styrsky: You are one of the greats of contemporary science fiction and fantasy (SF/F) literature. You identify as gay. You are also black. Where do the three meet, and more importantly, where do they diverge?

Samuel R. Delany: They touch each other everywhere. But what they don’t do is overlap in some totally congruent way. I’m black; I’m gay; I’m a science fiction writer. That is to say, all three have histories, are a part of the history of my life. It’s even useful to talk about some parts of those histories apart from the others. At other places, such a separation is hopelessly distorting. [more]

Dhalgren is one of my favorite books–I have my copy and another of his short stories signed to Dr. Menlo, I’m honored to say. Me and Pagan went up to see him at Bailey/Coy on Broadway in Seattle last year.

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