Happy Holidays!

While we can all most probably agree that it is overcommercialized and downright silly, we can also probably agree that we are grateful for the time off work (except today because it is a Saturday, of course) and the additional time spent with loved ones. So laugh at the fat man in red (was Santa’s obesity a portent of the future of the weight of America?), or the dubious (at the very least) claim that today some son of an old man in the sky with a big white beard who created everything (including the strings which hold the multiverse together) was born on this planet–but enjoy your mate, your kids, your parents, your grandparents, your sisters, your brothers, your nieces and nephews, your pets, your friends, your abode (if you are lucky enough to have one), and your meals (that, too). Hold the ridiculousness of Xmas at length while still enjoying the concept of peace on earth. We all need a break from that fastidious doom and gloom that is the administration of He-Who-Not-Be-Named, so take that break where you can get it. Be warm, be fed, and wish the same for others, eh?