eye on amsam 16 jan 05

Big thanks to new harbingers! (in order of acceptance): Cap’n Marrrrk of No Touch Monkey!, PieceoPlastic, Uncle $cam (no website available yet), Lenin of LENIN’S TOMB and Mark Elf of Jews sans frontiers! Thank you all!

[Please note: me and the Missus are presently in D.C. to take place in the counter-inaugurals so if you need to contact me this week please write to drmenlo -at- gmail.com (this for people who would like be a harbinger, as well). Me, I’m a bit burnt out on protests, but Pagan was especially excited to go . . . we drove around the mall earlier today and the normally open feel of the long blocks of grass connecting the Smithsonian buildings and the Capitol, etc., are all choked up with fences–lots and lots of fences. It is a disgusting feeling to be so close to the crooks and mass murderers currently crowding the halls of power–especially since they’re there not by dint of ‘democracy’ (the word Bush uses so much it has the same effect to the ear of ‘Hey, let’s go down to the 7-11 and get some malt liquor!’)–but because they had the foresight to build voting software and machine companies in order to implement their bloodless coup while the Democrats were happy to sit in the corner puckering their asses over a warm tub of vaseline. We brought the digital camera, natch, and will be uploading pics this Thursday nite, if all goes well . . . ]