Vote For Food

The cowardly and corrupt bush administration, working along with the dirty allow(ie) government is coercing Iraqis to vote. The allow(ie) puppets are threatening Iraqis who don’t vote that they will not get their monthly food rations.

The bush gang can do anything to reach to their goals.


It is well known all over Iraq now that if you didn’t go to vote, the government will cut your monthly food rations.

–that was from Raed in the Middle

See also: Baghdad Burning: “People in many areas are being told that if they don’t vote- Sunnis and Shia alike- the food and supply rations we are supposed to get monthly will be cut off. We’ve been getting these rations since the beginning of the nineties and for many families, it’s their main source of sustenance. What sort of democracy is it when you FORCE people to go vote for someone or another they don’t want?”

. . . Meanwhile, turn on the news in America, and all you hear are harpsichords–all playing the same damn tune: “Praise Bush! He has Done It! Despite all Liberal Obstacles! The World is one Democracy Brighter! Hallejuh Praise the Lord–the One True Lord–OUR LORD–and don’t you forget it!”