Dean Heads DNC!

“There are many people in this city who think I’m going to be very unorthodox,” Dean said Wednesday. “And I am.”

[ . . .]

“We need to be proud to be Democrats,” he said. “It was the Democrats who thought we should have a Homeland Security Department. If you want strong national security, you ought to support the Democratic Party.”

His new job, he said, would be to sell the Democratic Party in local, state and national elections.

“We’re not going to beat the Republicans by talking about how terrible they are,” he said. ” … This is a party that’s about the future. The Republican Party is about the past.” [more]

. . . yes, and per Lakoff, we are progressives as opposed to them being regressives.

Three cheers for Dean!

This is a great step for our side . . . now if we can only do away with those paperless voting machines . . .

. . . does this mean that there is hope, finally? Can we get out from under our blankets yet and get back to work? Can we pause on the applications for political asylum to Canada and wait and see what Dean will do? Consider me buoyed.