Opening Today at the Roq!:
The Mod Squad

See also: Kirsten Anderson’s blog, the most underrated blog on the net, and Kirsten’s friend Katie’s most excellent blog: handgrenade.

While the picture above is by Ryan Heshka–I love it’s colors, old sci-fi pulp cover adoration (of the babe with a gun subcategory, also a fav) and pop asian notes–Katie pointed in particular to another artist featured in tonight’s Roq show: Andrew Brandou. Katie Kurtz writes: “Andrew Brandou’s work is kick ass. Drawing inspiration from the Situationist Internationale, Chinese propaganda, and more, this is political art at its finest — subtle, humorous, engaging…” See the picture she selected of Brandou’s here. The 2 other artists also showcased at the Roq tonight are Keith Weesner and Dale Sizer.

Needless to say, among all these links, there is much arty goodness to go around.