. . . via Spitting Image

I’m pretty sure that the above photo is of a man, the adam’s apple being the most obvious clue . . . immediate associations: the Crying Game (first saw this as a sneak at the MPAA theatre in downtown DC, remember the moment the room gasped), Pedro Almodovar, who seems to paint crossdressers and trannies in the softest light, and my own uncle turned aunt.

I haven’t seen my Uncle/Aunt since the early eighties, at best. He was married at least once beforehand, had two kids, was disowned by his father and son, at least. He used to sell and collect cars in south Jersey before ending up in the casino business like many who live there. From what I hear, being over six feet tall and wide, he doesn’t make that convincing of a woman, and hasn’t had much luck with the guys. I wonder why he didn’t just go gay, it seems like he would have gotten laid more, but what do I know about this type of thinking? I think everyone should be allowed to be who they want to be, but I still don’t think having your penis lopped off makes you a woman. I don’t think it’s that easy, by a long shot. Perhaps I put women on a pedestal: what mere man could become one?