Did you know that this week was World Environment Day?

The schedule for the 5 day long celebration:

* June 1: “Pure Elements” — Food, water and air.
* June 2: “Redesigning the Metropolis” — Recycling, green building and smart growth.
* June 3: “Cities on the Move” — Transportation.
* June 4: “Urban Power” — Energy, renewables and energy conservation.
* June 5: “Flower Power” — Open space, biodiversity and greening the urban environment.

I see a positive future here. I will select this positive future and move toward it. Simultaneously, I will reject negative futures which necessarily include endless war, fear, exploitation, deception, lies, fundamentalist religion and cancerous destruction of our natural resources in the service of infinite greed.

World Environment Day 2005 Official Site

Move toward it.