“Notified while clearing brush”

Come on! So Rove heard about it the last time a plane approached the White House and Cheney and Laura Bush were evacuated and the fact that Bush wasn’t immediately informed really got people talking, right? So for the next possible plane-related emergency, Rove’s news release is already polished to a Marine’s boots gleam–not only was Bush informed, but he was informed while clearing brush.

Ah, clearing brush, and immediately visions of Reagan working on his farm come tumbling into view, right? Mixing and mashing with the ranch Bush has in Crawford, Texas, the ranch he’s had for a long time, right? It’s where he likes to go to relax, right? Has for years, right? Of course, the ranch was put together right before the 2000 election, and every image of him on that ranch that’s come out since of him working the land is ultimate phony, like him on a flight deck walking around in a military costume with extra codpiece added. What’s more: “It is NOT a ranch. It has no cattle. Bush is even afraid of horses.”

Karl Rove is a romantic, no doubt about it. How long until the truth is released that Rove on the side is actually a hugely successful romantic novelist whose books frequently feature a male hero on the cover who looks suspiciously like Jeff Gannon? Rove’s images of Bush = repressed homosexual power porn.

How many times did we hear the story of Rove first laying eyes upon Bush? “Huge amounts of charisma, swagger, cowboy boots, flight jacket, wonderful smile, just charisma – you know, wow,” Rove recalled years later.

Notified = the President is powerful. He is in control. He is notified.

While clearing brush = evoking Reagan, shows he’s an everyman who works on his own land because he enjoys it.

Everytime a newsman or woman in this country today mouthes that phrase, they are doing nothing but repeating a one line piece of progit written by Rove himself.

“Notified while clearing brush” – like Norman Rockwell in a leather bar.