Washington Week is a Piece of Shit

It comes on after NOW in my area and there’s only so much of it I can take before I have to turn it off. Last nite it was Martha Raddatz describing the recent NSA ruling as “against national security.”

Gwen Ifill: no challenge, move along.

Fuck Disney/ABC, as well. Corporate sons-a-bitches. Slave labor products are one thing. Treating their own employees horribly is one thing. Complying in the government move to complete fascism buffeted by an absurd trailer of lies . . . maybe the current administration should not be the focal point of activism – perhaps it should be the laws that give corporations more rights than human beings. Moral values, Inc. Mickey Mouse is on your phone and soon he will be in your house. The hair in the secret journal will never save you. Take the rat down now while you still have street privileges.