I started out writing movie reviews for my college newspapers The NOVA Collective and The Georgetown Voice, respectively. I also did stringer work for the Northern Virginia Sun.


Self-published in the Georgetown Gonzo, founded in 1993. See Wikipedia for more on that.


Fiction and nonfiction has been published at Exquisite Corpse, a Journal of Letters and Life, edited by Andrei Codrescu.


Copernicus Grape Loves Ivy, & Ivy Loves Copernicus Grape, featured in CyberCorpse 4 (April/May 2000)

Thomas Jefferson Goes to Washington, featured in CyberCorpse 2 (November/December 1999)

The Mayor of Windows: A Fable for the New Millennium, featured in CyberCorpse 8 (Spring 2001)


Postcards from Seattle, featured in CyberCorpse 3 (February/March 2000)

The Marijuana Dream #Eggplant, also featured in CyberCorpse 4 (April/May 2000)

Manifesto in Hypertext, featured in CyberCorpse 5 & 6 (Summer/Fall 2000)

The Swordfighter of Today, featured in CyberCorpse 10 (Fall/Winter 2001/2002)

Also published online in Jason Lubyk’s now sadly-defunct New World Disorder zine, Alterati and Eat the State!

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