for the Georgetown Gonzo

“Ye fucking gods!! Are you nuts!? Those Jesuit bastards will eat you alive!” – Hunter S. Thompson

A jar of pickles – from Art Buchwald.

for Dr. Menlo, the first picture blog

“Man oh man, ‘Dr. Menlo.’ Now there’s an alternative blog. Kindness to animals, Seattle anarchists, nudism galore, SubGenius, anti-Bush black propaganda, jeez louise, Doc, that thing sure is happenin’.” – Bruce Sterling

“Dr. Menlo is one smart guy, with a sharp eye for images sacred, profane, and in between. Sometimes the doctor riffs on them, sometimes he leaves you to connect the dots.” – Killing the Buddha

for Gimmicky, past writing project

“Very funny” – Cory Doctorow [specifically about the first act of the Simpsons spec script called “Lard Country,” reprinted here.]

“If you like Warren Ellis, you will like the fiction of Dr. Menlo.” – Philip Shropshire

for Sensual Liberation Army, the first ‘babelog’ and first sex blog

“We here at Fleshbot have been huge fans of Sensual Liberation Army ever since we were still wearing our porn blogging training wheels . . . ” – Fleshbot

for Manifesto in Hypertext

“Manifesto in Hypertext boosts my morale significantly, bringing me Zen-like ‘back to one’. My meaning is clear, ‘their’ meanies far from it. Dr. Menlo is a ‘blogger as well as a great writer.” – abuddhas memes

“Dr. Menlo’s Manifesto in Hypertext is a sort of State of the Revolution address. Good reading when you’re feeling kind of isolated and out-of-sync with the world around you and wondering for the umpteenth time who’s crazy and who’s sane after all.” – randomWalks

Past Praise – Backhanded Division

for Dr. Menlo

[email rcvd September 2004:]

I cannot resist commenting on a ‘blog’ page of your creation… one titled :
D r. M e n l o presents:

My main comment is that unless a person is on drugs, your blog makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. As I scanned through the pages… and I stress ‘scanned’, I found no redeeming value to your rants and raves. To me your page bears testimony that you obviously are a communist, and a Godless anarchist… believe me it shows… You must be a sad pathetic person, unloved and misunderstood to feel that you need to express yourself like you do…. Take a piece of advice, grow up… I pity your parents


“He finkled my merryweather bean!” – Anon.

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