I saw an eagle today. Down at Elliott Bay park, which is my favorite park in the whole world (it used to be Dumbarton Oaks in D.C., designed by Olmstead) . . . it was flying amongst some lower birds. I saw some eagles in Dutch Harbor, Alaska, too, standing on the dock . . . they really are majestic creatures up close. Truly the King of Birds. Their presence inspires respect, awe . . . you want to sit at their feet and hear them lecture about things; you could imagine sitting next to one with a pipe, and he’ll tell you all about what he really does, and does not like, about America. And maybe he’ll even tell you that he’s been so angry at America so many times that he’s almost flown right into the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. to demand from those podunk congresskids that they take his image offa anything and everything having to do with the U.S.—that’s how disgusted he gets sometimes. “These white fundamentalist Puritans come and kill all these Indians, and take all their land, and they have the balls to claim ‘moral imperative?’ . . . “ And then he’ll pause . . . and then he’ll say that he thinks about that, sure, but then he’ll soar a little higher, and just forget about the whole damn thing.


April 3, 2001
San Francisco, CA — The Sierra Club applauded the government of British Columbia who, in coordination with environmental organizations, logging companies, and Indigenous people, announced today the largest rainforest conservation measure in North American history. Some 3.5 million acres–an area 4 times the size of Rhode Island–of ancient temperate rainforests will be immediately protected or placed in a moratorium on logging until final land use decisions can be made. The new conservation area, referred to as the “Great Bear Rainforest”, is a wildlife hot spot, home to numerous wildlife including a large bear population with the rare, white “Spirit Bear.”

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I recently saw the movie, The Bear. I was pleasantly surprised by the psychedelic sequence. This movie should be a staple in any progressive family’s collection.

I want to direct your attention to Kirsten Anderson’s thumbmonkey. It’s a quite excellent blend of the personal and the net-dendritic.

Kirsten Anderson is the “owner, curator, director and janitor” of Seattle’s own Roq la Rue art gallery.

Dan Clowes will be appearing in the flesh at Roq la Rue this May for the opening nite of a new show featuring artwork by himself, and fellow Fantagraphics artist Chris Ware.

Chris Ware will be there, too.

The Earth Mother has come out of her lair with a very important message for all Earthlings on Earth Day: