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“We’re meant to be naked and outside just like every other animal.” – Erin Volentine

Erin’s Youtube Channel: “eat healthy. live healthy. be happy.”

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Bartertown: A Vegan Manifesto from Heather DeKleine on Vimeo.

Bartertown website

via Vegan Soul Food

Thanks to celebrity vegan chef and ubergoddess Isa Chandra for the link.

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Where’s the Revolution?

Feminisnt > A Meddlesome Hussy Takes On the Enemies of Sexual Sanity

Welcome to my rantblog! I’m a pornographer, sex worker, atheist, and former “sex-positive feminist” who grew tired of trying to shoehorn my life into a feminist analysis. I have liberated myself from women’s liberation, and it feels glorious. I’m now sharing my observations as a politically-minded smut peddler, ethical slut, and staunch skeptic. I despise people who project their insecurities onto others, or force sex workers into only two roles: helpless victims and evil patriarchy-colluders. I love spicy food, vegan lip balm, and the word “pollywog”. [more]

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“When your vagina smells like garlic and your garlic smells like vagina, it’s ready.” – Isa Chandra

I love Isa Chandra. Fuck Anthony Bourdain.

(Also, Dr. Menlo now tweets.)

Dairy Cow Slaughter Peaks as Milk Sales Plummet