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“We’re meant to be naked and outside just like every other animal.” – Erin Volentine

Erin’s Youtube Channel: “eat healthy. live healthy. be happy.”

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Bartertown: A Vegan Manifesto from Heather DeKleine on Vimeo.

Bartertown website

via Vegan Soul Food

Raw Vegan Chai Brownies from Faye Baldwin on Vimeo.

Art of the Animal: Myq Kaplan from Our Hen House on Vimeo.

Myq’s “Small, Dork and Handsome” comedy special is on Netflix.

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A Short Film about Vegan Bunnies from justininbcn on Vimeo.

Twitter: @VeganBunnies | Tumblr: Vegan Bunnies

Vegan Cooking with Yogi Ely from TON DOU on Vimeo.

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