Message From Mgmt – Not Even Our Final Form October 2017

"This isn't even my final form" by Maximilian Lundberg
“This isn’t even my final form” by Maximilian Lundberg

Hey-o, Dr. Menlo here. Recently (this past July) the servers at Ubikhead Industries experienced a bit of an unexpected meltdown, I am afraid, and we have been quietly putting things back together ever since. So if your permalink is not here, it wasn’t on purpose. Or if some pic isn’t there. Our slaver future monkey bots are busy piecing things back together from several sources. (“Keep it down, monkeys! I know an endless supply of bananas to work on our tiresome, repetitive web ops is soooo exciting, but come on, can we make the chatter just a little flatter? I am trying to listen to some KEXP over here! La da da. Da da da . . . “)
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