Buy @ Zazzle. T-shirt for men. Trucker hat. Coffee mug. Developing. More to come. More designs, more products. But voila: introducing the upside-down T. Inspired by the upside down flag as a symbol of distress, and always leaning minimalist, what better than an upside-down T? Even better, what it looks like.

Collapsity – you’re bathing in it. You hear me, America? You are bathing in it. You are in it up to your skullcaps. You developed schools to make good factory workers and then you shipped all your factories overseas. You gave the keys to your society to the corporations and military-industrial-congressional complex and you have […]

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 May, 17 - 2007   no comments   cultsScience Fictionscientologyxenu

Who is Xenu? See also: CBS “48 Hours” Special On The CULT Of Scientology and the BBC Documentary that John Travolta doesn’t want you to see. Everytime I look at Tom Cruise now I think, ‘That man thinks he’s a piece of lava.’ A piece of lava that exploded when the volcano was destroyed that […]

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